Buzzing Bees Program

Ages 2¾-4.


5/week for 5 mornings per week

0/week for 4 mornings per week

0/week for 3 mornings per week

/day for Drop In

The Buzzing Bees class will be for kids approximately 2 3/4 to 4 who will benefit from a small class size, individual attention, loving teachers, a personally crafted and paced curriculum, and lots of fun in a relaxed school atmosphere.

The Buzzing Bees will be balanced by ages (so that there won’t be any 1 kid on the super older or super younger end) and will consist of approximately 10-12 kids. They will have their own classroom set up with the needs of older preschoolers in mind. They will have a full time teacher and an aide plus a music teacher and an art coordinator. The curriculum will be based on Creative Curriculum (very theme-based) and will be focused on moving each individual child forward toward Kindergarten on his or her own pace.

Core class/school hours will be 9-1 with aftercare available from 1-3. Aftercare is included in the base price and families have a choice between 3, 4, or 5 days/week.
Busy Bees DC

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