Discover the Ideal Timing: When do Most Hotel Bookings Happen?

Understanding the dynamics of hotel bookings can be a game-changer for both hoteliers and travelers. It can help hoteliers to manage their inventory better and offer competitive pricing, while travelers can leverage this information to get the best deals. So, when do most hotel bookings happen? Let’s delve into the details.

When do Most Hotel Bookings Happen?

According to a report by Sojern, most hotel bookings occur 30-60 days before the stay. However, this can vary based on several factors such as the type of hotel, location, season, and the purpose of travel. For instance, luxury hotels tend to get booked earlier than budget hotels. Similarly, hotels in popular tourist destinations may see earlier bookings, especially during peak travel seasons.

Factors Influencing Hotel Booking Timing

1. Type of Hotel

Luxury hotels often get booked earlier than budget hotels. This is because travelers who opt for luxury hotels usually plan their trips well in advance and are less price-sensitive. On the other hand, budget travelers tend to book closer to their travel date, often hunting for last-minute deals.

2. Location

Hotels in popular tourist destinations tend to get booked earlier, especially during peak travel seasons. Conversely, hotels in less popular or off-beat locations may see later bookings.

3. Season

The time of the year significantly impacts hotel booking patterns. During peak travel seasons, hotels often get booked months in advance. However, during off-peak seasons, bookings may occur closer to the travel date.

4. Purpose of Travel

The purpose of travel also influences booking timing. Leisure travelers often book well in advance, especially for vacations and holidays. In contrast, business travelers may book closer to their travel date due to the unpredictable nature of their schedules.

How Far in Advance are Hotel Bookings Made?

On average, hotel bookings are made 45 days in advance. However, this is a broad average and can vary significantly based on the factors discussed above. For instance, a study by Expedia found that for domestic travel in the US, hotel bookings are typically made 21 days in advance, while for international travel, bookings are made 96 days in advance.


Understanding when most hotel bookings happen can help travelers snag the best deals and hoteliers optimize their pricing and inventory management strategies. However, it’s important to remember that booking patterns can vary widely based on several factors, and what works in one scenario may not work in another.

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